All Things Sanskrit: Services Offered

Sanskrit Lessons
Interested in a Sanskrit lesson or two, or in regular instruction? Is it just you, or are you and your friends or family thinking of taking lessons together?

Our teacher, Dr Antonia Ruppel, has thirteen years’ worth of experience teaching Sanskrit to students ages 11 and up (her oldest current student is in her 80s!) online and in person. She has written her own textbook, The Cambridge Introduction to Sanskrit, which in the year after it was first published already is in its fifth imprint. She has taught in secondary school and at university, and has won two prizes for her pedagogy.

All our lessons are via Skype (or Facetime or Gmail video call, if you prefer). A first taster lesson costs £15. After that, half-hour lessons cost £20, and full hours £40. If you book 10 lessons at a time, the cost goes down to £35 per hour. These rates stay the same even when there are several people (whether in one place, or joining in via conference call).

We recommend you take lessons while also using the various materials and resources we offer for free: that way, weekly lessons for about 40 weeks a year will take you to Sanskrit proficiency in up to two years. (We are happy to offer more intensive teaching, too, of course!)

Let us know what you are interested in, and we will suggest a way to get you there.

Thesis editing and proofreading
With almost a decade of experience proofreading ancient-language theses, articles and books for publishers such as Brill, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press, we are happy to offer these services to individuals. Please contact us with details about the text you need to have checked (length, level, what kind of checking is needed, timeframe within which you need to have it returned to you) and we’ll send you a cost estimate. For texts not written by native speakers, we are happy to check your English as well.

Latin and Greek
A PhD in Classics from the University of Cambridge, 15 years of teaching experience as well a decade of editing, translating and proofreading experience in Classics means we happily offer the same services as above for Latin and Greek. Contact us to let us know what you are looking for.

We offer scholarly translation from German into English and vice versa, as well of translations of texts up to ca. 150 words into Sanskrit. Contact us with information about what you need to have translated.

We treat any texts sent to us in complete confidence.

To contact us, please email