Sanskrit Study Posters

The posters are A3 in size (297 x 420 mm/11.7 x 16.5 in) and are printed on water-proof, tear-proof PVC.

1) The Devanāgarī Poster contains the individual characters, vowels used after consonants, as well as conjunct consonants and other characters that are irregular or difficult to recognise.

2) The Sanskrit Nouns and Pronouns poster contains all noun and pronoun stems.
That means all existing genders of: vowel Stems: a-, i-, u-, ṛ-stems, ā-stems, ī- and ū-stems (regular and root); consonant stems: t-, c-, as-, is-, us-, an-, in-, (a)nt-stems; pronouns: aham, tvam, saḥ, ayam, asau.

3) The Sanskrit Verb Forms poster contains all forms that you will encounter with any frequency.
That means: Present System: full present indicative and potential, imperfect and imperative in both active and middle of a thematic paradigm and an athematic paradigm; a section with just the endings, and sections on how to form the present-tense stem of each of the four thematic and six athematic stem classes. Perfect: full paradigms showing all relevant formal variations; a section with just the active and middle endings; a section on all relevant details of reduplication; a section on the periphrastic perfect. Future: Regular: summary of formation (root grade, suffix and endings); details on internal sandhi before -s-. Periphrastic: summary of formation. Examples of both types. Aorist: summary of the seven types of formation; formal exceptions. Examples. Secondary Formations: a section each on Passive, Causative and Desiderative.

4) The Sanskrit Sandhi Rules poster features a general definition, external and internal sandhi, and a section on writing conventions.
That means: all possible combinations of external sandhi (with notes on all irregularities) plus a summary of visarga sandhi, and details on all common internal sandhi (before s and t; retroflexion of -s- and -n-; voiced aspirate or h before t).


– any one poster is £10 (which is about the same as €11.50/US$13/AUS$18)
– any additional poster is £8 (which is about the same as €9/US$10.50/AUS$14)

For up to three posters, postage using Royal Mail is as follows: UK £3.45; rest of Europe (including Russia and Greenland) £4.45; Australia and NZ £6.95; and the rest of the world £5.55. For four to eight posters, it is UK £3.45; rest of Europe (including Russia and Greenland) £6.20; Australia and NZ £9.20; and the rest of the world £8.50. For larger orders, please get in touch to check what postage would be.


Please send an email to with POSTERS as the subject line, stating your name and address and which poster(s) you would like. You will then receive an invoice via PayPal (which you can pay by card, via PayPal, or in some countries also via bank transfer).


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