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I have long wanted to have a place where I can offer answers to questions about Sanskrit, about teaching Sanskrit, and about teaching ancient languages in general, that I have been asked or that I see being discussed in the public sphere – especially the sort of question that you cannot answer in just a sentence or two.

This blog will be aimed at anyone who is interested in Sanskrit and wants to know more about it, without being an expert, scholar or professional Sanskritist of any kind. It will try and explain issues from the ground up, giving all the context and background that I feel is necessary to understand them fully. Featured topics will include everything from Sanskrit grammar and introductions to Sanskrit authors or texts to topics like the ‘age’ of Sanskrit or the portrayal of Sanskrit in popular culture and the media.

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts; and if there are questions you have about Sanskrit, do please ask! I’ll be doing my best to answer them.

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